Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainy morningS

Oh how I love rainy morningS!
The sky goes dark and the thunder rolls. Oh how I love rainy morningS!

Also kayaking in the afternoon. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

SkyView @Appattack

✤ Hello All! ✤

I have been procrastinating big time in my reality called home.  Obviously it has leaked into this virtual world of blogging.  Sorry about the silence.

To be fair (and so you're not mad at only me) my bloggers that I follow have been slacking as well.  Hannah-hoo point and case.  :)

The above blogger Hannah wrote a list of why she was wasn't blogging.  I believe such a list, in my case would be uber boring.  If I were to write a list it would likely include; Doctor Who season 5 (don't be hate'n on BBC), gardening (enforced by mom), and the weather climbing up to 70-80 drawing my pasty self outside.

I also have to make an apology, my promise hasn't been kept.  My whole "2 blogs reviewing apps per month" just flopped.   On Feb 25, (in my defense) I did start a draft of an app review, but it ended nowhere.

So to appese my app-loving buddies I went looking for new apps.

My new favorite app!!!

This astronomy app is incredible.

Discovery story:  This week (esp. March 15th) Venus and Jupiter are lighting up the sky with a really cool conjunction!  I walked out on my deck (thanks to the 82 degree weather) and saw two really bright stars.  I knew that when I see a extremely bright star that its usually Venus, but I wondered what the other twinkling object was.  Looking under Top Free apps this week I found SkyView.  
Let me show you what it does.

1. Launch the app and it will open up your camera.
It checks your location and shows where the stars are.
(See my lake in the photo below?)

2. Turn around and you get a "bubble view" of the stars.
I walked in the house so I could see different satellites. 

SkyView not only shows stars, but planets, satellite, space stations, the sun, and the moon.

The Planet's path lights up in orange showing you where it will be.
The Star's constellations are drawn in so you know what's what.

There is my conjunction of Venus and Jupiter!!! 
Currently above my ceiling... 

The Big dipper!!!

I was having such fun making Saturn land on my brother's head.
The boy was studiously doing homework... completely oblivious. :)

This is the best app for the beginning stargazer 

Now go, and wish upon those stars!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

TurboScan App

Tap that app #2: Scanning App 

Here was my need:

    For my Lit. class, I had drawn a graph showing the progressing plot of the novel we were reading.  My teacher needed the paper on our Wiggio group (Online website that helps our class see each other's papers, and comment/edit as necessary).
    The problem was... how was I going to get my graph onto my computer?  I could scan my paper with my printer onto the computer, but the end result is always grainy and I have only used scan once or twice in my life (I am too young to have experience in faxing).  If I had been smart I would have just made the graph on a Word or Pages document, but I am still really slow at adding graphs and I didn't have the time.   I was tapping through the App store when I came across something called a scanning app.

For me, time is key.  If something can save me time in school so I can move onto the next subject well Hallelujah!


      Basically, the scanning app takes a photo of your document with your camera, you edit what it will look like, and it changes the photo to a PDF, PGN, or JPEG file.  Voilá!  You can choose to save the new file to your phone, or e-mail it right then.   TurboScan, and other fancy versions can also send files to several different online storage sites such as; Evernote, iDisk, Mobile Me, Box.Net, Humyo, and GoogleDocs.

I have tested my scanning app, and it has passed.  This is a keeper!

Here you can tell I just scanned notebook paper.
You can choose to make the scan black and white,
or keep the original color.

This was a hard test for the scanner app, and TurboScan passed.
Here is a really (obviously) old document in business card form,
it also was laminated.  Besides the camera flash covering "American"
the scan was great. 

Ok, here is a book cover I scanned.  The color as you see,
is very altered even missing in some places.
The scanning app is designed for text but I will say in
black and white this scan wasn't half bad.

Just a photo I took with my camera to show what the cover actually looked like.

Different items you can scan are; Documents, Business cards, Receipts, Notes, and White boards.

     There are many different scanning apps out there on the market, some are free and others -from what I've seen- range from about $2.99-$6.99 and for many there is an option to choose free and upgrade later if you like using the app.  Here I've listed a few.

Scanner Pro
JotNot Scanner Pro
TurboScan (that's mine)

Scan Pages
Genius Scan
JotNot Scanner (This can be upgraded to JotNot Scanner Pro)

My Paper was scanned, and e-mailed to my teacher in moments.  Time saver!

No, the above was not my whole paper.  The rest could be typed up.

Let me know if you have an app you want a review for!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pick your Pizza

wonderful pizza

Pizza Slices 

If there is one food that says American Culture besides the Cheeseburger, it's pizza.
(Warning: the above statement is based purely on my opinion.  I remind you this is my blog.)

~Ignorance is Bliss~ (I'd like to challenge that one day)  

To use this saying with pizza, when I was small I thought there was only one kind.  

Thick crust, thin layer of red sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese, and crispy pepperoni.
Just A Pizza, is where my family would order one large pizza.  1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni.
Although just a small restaurant in Los Angeles, the taste is very similar to Pizza Hut but the crust is all hand-tossed.

Then my family moved to the Midwestern state of Kansas.

Fresh mozzarella cheese, red sauce, and oh the joy of stuffed crust!

Pizza Hut, where we would go after ball games and swim meets.  The family is larger now and we order two pizzas; one cheese, and one 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 supreme (dad).

Domino's, my Grandmother's favorite.  When visiting her in Colorado she would order pizza and I'd pick the spicy pepperoni off complaining to mother "I only like cheese."

My family was in for a shock when we moved to Missouri!

(Ok, so this first photo is really unflattering... I know, but google Imo's pizza, there is a lack of aesthetic photos.)

Imo's Pizza,  oh where do I start?  We asked around for a pizza place soon after we moved, and everyone suggested Imo's.  We bought our regular two pizzas but after opening the first box we thought we were going to have to make pasta to go with the meal.

Now if you are from Missouri, I apologize in advance for discussing your famous pizza.
My first complaint is the cheese.  Imo's own special blend of Provel cheese which includes; Swiss, Provolone and mild cheddar.  Sweet cheese on my pizza was totally new for me, and even though it's all in my head... I can't stand yellow cheese on pizza.  Sweet sauce my taste buds were not expecting when I took a bite.  And last but certainly not least; THE CRUST is thin!  I'm all ok with people who order thin crust (they are cray),  but when I expect a thick and delicious pizza crust and I get cracker, I'm not lavishing praise.


Other pizza's that need to be discussed...

It is hot-n-ready so the crust can be a little rubbery...  but it's thick!
Little Caesars Pizza, our savior in a land of Imo's pizza.  And a great price for a family that now buys four pizzas; two cheese, two pepperoni.

Including dessert pizza!

CiCi's Pizza, a buffet style restaurant that offers a wide selection of pizza and crust of differing sizes.

Humble Pie, the crust may be uneven but it's all good.

Other types of Pizzas:
Mexican Pizza
Taco pizza (little difference from above)

DYK, traditional Italian pizza was made with white sauce.

And my favorite:

Chicago style pizza.  They know that the crust is the most important part!
While it looks like a loaf with a layer of cheese atop,  cut in and find that glory inside.

If you are a big Imo's fan, let me know why so readers get two sides.

Also, I didn't even start on toppings, among my favorite pizza is Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple.  When I was in England their Midwestern pizza had corn, never thought of that and it was pretty good.

What's your favorite pizza?  Comment below.

~~ Edit ~~~

I found this on Xenophilia's website.  Someone come up with a caption please!  All I can think of is "And may the slice be with you," and that's just cheesy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Hunger for the Games


    My nearest and dearest friends had talked about this book and insisted that The Hunger Games is a must read.  I admit, my motives for picking the book up was more like; I like fast-action type books, Conversation starters and debate enders "I've read that," I even thought I'll just read it quickly and get it over with.

I couldn't have been more wrong...

     After a slow day, I sat down to read the first few chapters.  Eminently, I became part of the story itself.   Katniss was climbing up a tree, her lengthy brown braids swaying, reaching for her quiver against her back.  As if I'm with her I feel the course bark of the trees, smell the herbs entwined at its trunk, taste the early morning air.  Nothing could hold be back or bring me from my trance.  I stayed up until 4am finishing the book.

   The resolve I expected never came, there was this gnawing craving for more, I must have more.  I'm pretty sure I texted my friend Hannah right then and there.  Sleep was only an instinct that night.  The next morning -pardon, a few hours later-  was worse.  There was no realization of food or fixing my hair (must of looked pretty bad now that I look back) and I think I started singing when I got the text saying Hannah would bring it that night.  

   I was courteous to my friends we made small talk, but I couldn't wait to go home and read!  I don't think I even changed to PJ's.  I just opened Catching Fire, the second book and was gone.  Breathing in the words off the page. 

"I remain at the window long after the woods have swallowed up the last glimpse of my home.  This time I don't have even the slightest hope of return."

-Katniss, Catching Fire Chapter 14

    This time I become more involved with the plot, trying to single out friends from foes.  Still, I'm with her on that train, knowing that nothing good will come and yet still forever facing fate.

    Sequels are the bane of both books and movies alike. (Esp. Movies) sometimes it's as if the author used up whatever magic they had with the original.  No so with Catching Fire, the plot thickens and the tension is so thick you couldn't cover it with a bridal dress.  ;)
Whatever you do don't expect freedom, the hunger for more will consume you.  Best way to deal with it is to live in the characters mind set, mentally work out who are your real allies.

    I have yet to read Mockingjay; I'll be texting Hannah soon.
Although I do have one video to show you, a friend posted this and how could I finish my blog without the Peeta vs. Gale battle going down.

I personally am a Peeta fan, but I haven't had years of illegal hunting with Gale so I'm not in a way to judge Katniss.  Let me know your choice.

Check these out if you are still having trouble deciding, I wish Katniss could.

Sing off Battle  - It's a spoof, pretty epic and the boys aren't bad looking either.

Sing off Battle (w/ lyrics)  - Same as above, only the lyrics make it funnier.

Movie Trailer - Shows at least the faces of the actors in the upcoming film.

 ❖ ❖ ❖

If you need more info check out the fans and author's websites.

Scholastic/ Author website
Author website

Movie website
Lego trailer version ;)
Also Facebook has many interactive games and clips, info on actors and more.

May the odds ever be in your favor. . . 

. . .Count against it       :) 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tap that App!

App Store!

Apps are quickly becoming an everyday part of life.  The number of users go up, the number of developers go up, the amount of profit goes up... this reminds me Direct Variation that I need to be working on in Math... rats.  Anyway, it doesn't take a genius to know that consumers will be needing reliable sources to check on the APPtitude if they are paying or even using memory.

I received an iPhone 4s last year for my Birthday/Christmas/I paid for part, and it has been so useful and a really fun toy!  (I'm sure I must be overloading Siri's cloudy memory)
The first time I tapped on the app widget I was overwhelmed and felt way out of my league!

A pimple popper? Seriously??? (P.S.  It had many bad reviews)
So I had to swallow my pride and ask my younger brother (who bought an iPad 2) for help.  I soon became familiar with how to use the search function, history, reviews and more.  My brother's rule of thumb is not to get a FREE app if it has under 200 reviews or less then 4 stars.   I am not that strict!  I like to live dangerously :)  I will add new apps just to try it out.

Note: searching "app" is pointless.

So my goal this new year is; two times a month (or possibly more)  I will write a blog post on current apps and the stats.

For January I'll start with my recent find:

I have had soo much fun with this helpful music search!  You can type the artist or band and it will pull up the song for you... normal right?  Well SoundHound also has an option recording your voice singing a few lines of a song that you can't remember.  It searches with your audio clip, and finds the song!!!  Not only can you listen to the song you couldn't remember, it has the lyrics to most of the songs!  It also has other songs from that artist and videos.
(sorry, I'm just a bit giddy about finding this.)  :)

Tell me what apps have been useful to you!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas wish list

    Do you remember waking up really early on Christmas to open gifts?  

    In my family the first one up would yell "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!!!"  And we would (the children) rush though the hall (not looking at the gifts) run up and jump on Mom and Dad's bed, wake them up and beg to go open presents.  After a few seconds of "Wait, don't we need a camera, and it's too early" we would all head to the living room where the biggest gifts stood unwrapped.  The stockings, bulgy and overstuffed, were first Dad always love to put oranges and nuts to make them fatter but they had small gifts like lip gloss, toy cars, yo-yos, and gum (and that one year, toothbrushes).   Then we would fly to the gifts under our real live Christmas pine, and the accumulation of wrapping paper was enough to make one kill the proverbial goose!

My sister and I Christmas eve, the mound of presents wrap around our live tree.  About 3yrs. ago.

    Now there are five of us children so if you count at least three gifts per child, plus two each from Grandma Ruth and Pampo (More if they were here), and one from Grandma and Grandpa (unless we were there), and now that we are a bit older we add four more, one from each sibling.
This is a minimum of fifty presents under the tree, not including our "To Mom and/or Dad" presents.  :)
I love my large family!

    In those in between moments from unwrapping/clean-up to breakfast, Dad reads the Christmas Story from the Bible, and if there is time and snow we would play with our new sleds (always a gift) and come in soaking wet and hungry.

Last year, we built a snow man even bigger then the little one on top of shoulders! 

   When we can, we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house usually after we have our own Christmas.
That, is what we are doing today.  We have moved several (in my opinion) times, and once lived five blocks from Grandma and Grandpa, since we now live 9hrs. away it's harder to figure out when to travel and when to squeeze our own Christmas in.

  The plan: Leave around 9am today (I don't see that happening, "around" is more like it) travel to Grandma's house, unload presents and then we will stay at my Aunt and Uncle's house.

   I can't wait to see everyone (and to end the car ride) my father is one of five children, and I have over 20 first cousins, a few cousin-in-laws (?), and some cousin's kids.  Not sure of the final family count, but it's large.

My Christmas wish list this year???
(note: all big items I've gotten for my Birthday)

1.  iPhone cover for... well my iPhone. :)

This one would be fantabulus!

2.   Scarves. Any kind.

3.  Jewelry.  Any kind. (again)

Owls could hurt either. 
4.  Would be clothing, but I just got some amazing new stuff at Cato so I'm good here. 
5.   Anything involving baking.   :)
Really love baking
6.  Hats!!!  (the uber fancy kind)
I have yet to see this one under my tree.  :) 

And my outrageous wish list might as well go online... just for fun.
Ice skates
Red hair
Gloves (the long kind)
College money!!!
More ideas

(huh, I was sure I had a longer list... I guess I'm getting older.)

  Whatever your Christmas plans may be this week/whole month, I pray you remember the real reason for the season amidst all the gifts and family.